Monday, 15 May 2017

A Surprise Visit

Today we had three unusual visitors in Room 5. They were not the two legged ones that you may be expecting - instead our welcome guests were four-legged creatures that arrived in cardboard boxes. Do the words 'carapace, Hermann, reptile' begin to give you an inkling? Well, we shall reveal all ... our newest little friends are tortoises!

They belong to Mrs Gussenhoven who works in Room 6 and she keeps tortoises as pets. The oldest of her tortoises is Tilly who is fourteen years old. The other two of her tortoises are as yet nameless - they are one year olds. We enjoyed watching them as they nibbled at some salad greens and being able to touch them was a treat! Mrs Gussenhoven told us many interesting things about how she puts them in a fridge to hibernate during winter. She made us laugh when she told us that Tilly bit her fingers because she had red nail polish on and Tilly thought they were her favourite food - strawberries!

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