Monday, 31 July 2017

Our Trip to Botany Town Centre

We are discovering the many jobs people do and our visit to New World was a great start as we saw the number of jobs that take place at the supermarket. We met Daniel, the manager, who introduced us to the many people working in the various sections of the store. We enjoyed seeing the two storage areas at the back of the shop - one for fresh produce with a large chiller and the other for packaged foodstuffs.

Here are some of the workers we met -
The baker
The fresh produce packer

New World Owner and one of his staff
The Checkout Staff
The butcher
The shelf packer
The Manager
The stock administrator
The fruit, nut and lolly supplier


We enjoyed looking at the various foods that have been packaged and prepared for sale.

After that we took a self guided tour of the local shops where we saw many people doing a variety of jobs.

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  1. This looked like a fun trip. Every time we go to New World now, Benjamin gives me all of his inside knowledge!