Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Happy Diwali and The Dark and Light Show

Mrs Naicker arrived in her most beautiful dress, wearing a decorative bindi on her forehead and many bracelets on her arms in order to celebrate Diwali. She very kindly brought some home made sweetmeets for us to enjoy and also explained what her family do at Diwali. She answered our questions and we gained so many insights into this wonderful time of the year. We also enjoyed looking at the pretty Rangoli patterns made by Room 16.

Auckland Theatre Company visited us again this year and this time they presented a story about Diwali and featured Princess Sita and Prince Rama who finally defeated the demon, Ravana, with the help of powerful gods and an army of monkeys. The children were enthralled by the talented actors who kept them riveted as the story unfolded.

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