Monday, 20 November 2017

Food Technology Fun

Today some masterchefs in the making were put through their paces in the Technology kitchen run by Mr Rankin.  Starting from scratch, Mr Rankin demonstrated how to make the dough for the buns.  Once that was done and everyone had scrubbed up, the dough was kneaded and rolled into balls.  They were kept in a warm spot where they rose and baked into the most delicious honey coloured buns.

After getting the buns ready, it was time to make the meat patties and the children even minced the meat themselves!! With the addition of a few other ingredients, these were duly baked and ready to eat.  The technology room smelled like a restaurant and the children couldn't wait to tuck into them!!

Watch out, parents - your little chefs are going to take over the kitchen and astound you with their culinary skills!!

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