Friday, 16 March 2018

Wet Day Fun and a Hive Adventure

We have two lovely wet day monitors, Tara and Chloe, who come in to support us on wet days. Being inside during lunch or morning tea is a great time to enjoy indoor games and fun with our classmates. There are many choices of things to do - building blocks, toys, construction games, drawing, colouring, puppets, dress ups, maths equipment and the like.

As a language experience for our written language, we went off to the Hive to explore. We used our senses to touch, look, listen, taste and smell as we ambled along the pathways and crept through the maze. Our writing thereafter It was easy to express what we did when we wrote after that.

This is what Haidara typed about it on a Google Doc -
Haidara  14/03 The Hive

Today Room 5 went to The Hive. The plants smelled like strawberries. I heard a bird flying high.

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