Thursday, 26 July 2018

Woodwork - Making Dominoes!

                                        Wonderful Woodwork

Today we made dominoes and it wasn't easy. We used a dangerous tool that was a saw. I used it and then I started chopping the wood. Mr Rankin said that we need to wear goggles to protect our eyes. The goggles looked like glasses. We got buddies and my buddy was Sachi. He was faster than me at sawing but it was just my first time. We had to make five pieces of wood.

After that we went outside to use the tickle machine. I held the wood while Sachi was using the tickle machine.

Next we went to paint the wood block. Then we went back inside to use the nail file. Next we went to use the drill. Finally we were finished and I wish I can go back to Technology.

By Constance

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