Saturday, 15 December 2018

Fun at Jake's Place!

Many of us 'soaked' up a wonderous evening of Christmas delights at Jake's beautifully decorated home! Every year Jake's selfless, industrious family spend weeks and weeks setting up the most intricate and eye catching Christmas Light display both indoors and out. They are inundated with bypassers who come to admire the splendid decorations and flashing lights. There are also countless visitors who arrive on foot to enjoy the snow making machine, to listen to the music, to meet with Santa and to receive a lollie or two! Jake's family are happy to accept gold coin donations which go to charity. The families in Room 5 arranged to meet at 8:30pm at his house, since by then the sun would have set. It was every bit as magical as we expected and Mrs Cole and Mrs Shewring also handed out some lemon ice blocks. A very special evening of good spirits and fun was enjoyed by one and all!

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