Friday, 26 July 2019

Our 100 Day Celebrations!

It was the 100th day of school on Thursday but since we were having our STEM Day we postponed it to Friday. During the week we had been preparing for our Big Day - on Tuesday we starting working on decorating our 100 day crowns. Then on Wednesday we made paper chains to hang up in the classroom and we also made lemonade ice blocks. Friday was a great day for celebrating - after assembly we completed our special crowns and we illustrated our 100 day poem. That afternoon we got together with Room 6 to finish off the WallE movie we had started watching on the last day of term. While watching we all tucked into our delicious ice blocks. Straight after that our Buddy class came down to meet with us to have a bubble blowing session. Unfortunately our bubble mix wasn't successful so instead we did some fitness exercises with the aim of reaching one hundred. Finally we took home our grassy plants with their 100 plus spikes of hair. What a lovely day it was!

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