Thursday, 9 April 2020

Holiday Fun - Harper, Jacob, Sienna, Amalia, Lennox, Mrs Shewring

Some of us have photos to share that show some of the fun activities we enjoyed during the holidays. If you have some to share, please send them and I'll add them to this post.


Harper learned to ride a two wheeler bike and she has had lots of fun playing with her sister, Indi. They went on scavenger hunts, did some art activities and she played all sorts of reading games. 


Jacob also learned to ride a two wheeler bike and he has been keeping really fit and enjoying his sister, Jessica's, company. They have been busy doing art and crafts and have placed lots of teddies in their window to say "Keep safe, Stay home, Be Kind".


What a busy girl Sienna has been. She did lots of baking, lego building, outside activities, art and science projects and she enjoyed playing with her brother, Connor.


Amalia also enjoyed cooking and making popcorn, going scootering, dressing up and having fun at home. She celebrated her birthday during this time and also lost her tooth! 


Lennox was very helpful at home and he also enjoyed going walking, cycling and scootering with his family every day. He made a lovely teddy bear and also helped to make a delicious pizza!


Mrs Shewring has enjoyed having her family in her bubble and that includes grandson, Justin, and granddaughter, Emily. She went cycling often, did some baking and had online meetings with the teachers. Most of all she had lots of fun playing with her grandchildren!

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  1. Hi everyone I can see all of you doing a lot of things and sounds very fun. Amalia