Monday, 1 June 2020

Bot, the Scientist

Today Bot demonstrated how to mix the primary colours into secondary colours. He had three plastic cups and each had red, blue and yellow food colouring in them. The first thing he did was to pour a little bit of red liquid into a clean wine glass and then he added some blue coloured water with the red. Those two colours turned purple. Next, he mixed yellow and red coloured water together in another wine glass. That turned orange straight away. The last two colours that he mixed together in another wine glass were blue and yellow. Yes, those two turned green.

Well done to Bot for showing us such a clever way to discover colour mixing.

When we were finished, Austin suggested we find out what colour we would get if we mixed all the colours together. He then took a little of all the six colours and mixed them together. We were surprised to notice that the colour was a greyish, bluish, greenish tinge.

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