Wednesday, 5 April 2017

OUR STEM DAY (aka Technology Day)

We experienced what it is like being in Mr Rankin's classroom today and it certainly was a STEM kind of a day! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Our first exciting experience was to build a Mr Learning with a partner out of Lego. We followed the pictorial instructions and in no time everyone had succeeded in building him.

Our second challenge was to design, make and modify a wheelchair for a Lego man that would roll down a track at speed. Once we had made our version of a wheelchair with a Lego man sitting on it, Mr Rankin held it at the top of a long ramp. The ramp had a built in speedometer and Christopher's design proved to be the fastest. John's was the second fastest and it was such fun trying to improve and make appropriate changes to our designs.

After lunch we again were given such marvellous opportunities to discover how to programme a robot by using computers - Mr Rankin soon had everyone buzzing as they worked out the various codes to instruct the robot on where to go!! Lastly, he showed us how he was able to manoeuvre another robot in all directions.

This was indeed a day filled with heightened learning that ticked the science, technology, maths and engineering boxes in such exciting, practical and enjoyable ways! Many thanks to Mr Rankin and to Alice's mum, Ellie's mum, Kayla's mum, Kyle's mum and Chloe's mum for coming along to help and support us.

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