Monday, 3 April 2017

Star Author - Benjamin

Benjamin described our trip to the zoo in his story like this -
Amazing Zoo by Benjamin Chong

The meercats were so cute when we went to the zoo! I liked the playful giraffes and the muddy rhinos. I liked the brown, hairy chimpanzees. They are always climbing and they wanted to sit in the sun. Then the tiger was so creepy, he came up to me. I was super scared!

I had an amazing day at the zoo and I loved the slow elephants. One was tying to come up to me. I loved the pink flamingoes. They balance in the soaking water. Then we went to find the others but they weren’t there so we went walking again and they were there! After that we went to the seals and one was so fast like a leopard. Then we went to the little penguins and they were chilling out on some wood.

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  1. Wow, Benjamin! I love all of your descriptive words about the animals.