Wednesday, 16 August 2017

An Interview with Mrs Fisher

As part of our study on the Jobs people do, we invited Mrs Fisher to our class. Some children from Room 5 and Room 6 had thought of questions to ask her about her job. She told us that she did all the finances - counting up money, checking that the teachers get paid and writing receipts for the money that parents paid. She starts work at 7:00am and usually finished at 4:30pm. She enjoys working with the children and they make her so happy when they stop to have a chat. Mrs Fisher has worked at our school for almost 21 years!! She told us that she saw the school being built.

Cadon asked her what she did in her job. Sophia asked what she found easy and what she found hard in her work. Chloe wanted to know what skills she needed to have to do her job. Alina asked what things she used to help her when she worked and lastly Kyle asked what the best part of her job was.

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