Thursday, 10 August 2017

Snowman Stories

The Fantails typed their own delightful stories about a snowman today. Enjoy reading these -

Cadon 10/08 The Snowman
There was a boy and his name was Cody and he was five years oid.  it was snowing  and he decided to make a snowman with his dog, Jack.  They rolled one small pile of snow and a big one too.  Then he stacked the snowman  and he and decorated him too. The next morning a reindeer ran into the snowman and he went fiying into the sky. Cody’s dog came out and the snowman landed on him. Cody came to see what happened and his poor dog was frozen like a statue!!!

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10/08 Alina The  Snowman

Snowman - Free images on Pixabay

There  was  a  girl   called  Sally  who  was ten  years  old and she had  a  dog  called  Stray.  She  built a snowman and then in the morning the  snowman  was  gone.  Sally  thought  that  maybe her  dog  Stray did it. She asked him  “Did  you take the snowman away?”  Stray  said  “yes” and he went to get the snowman’s hat and scarf. They were in his basket and he took them to keep warm.

The Snowman Jesse 10/08/2017
File:Snowman in Indiana 2014.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
There was a boy named Jesse and he was ten years old.  One day he made a snowman.    The next day he and his mum were looking at the snowman and they saw a dog come and he took his hat and scarf.   Then they chased dog and he dropped the scarf and  hat and they got it back.

John 10/08 The snowman
There was a boy named Cody and he was twelve years old and he built a snowman in his back garden where there were three moose. One of them kept looking at his snowman when he went inside. A little later Cody heard a sound and he looked out of the window for a minute. He didn’t see anything but then he glanced again and a moose was running around with a scarf on his back and a hat on one of his horns. There were some sticks stuck on the hat and he had a carrot in his mouth. Then Cody called his mum and his mum said wow!! She took a photo and sent it to the news. That night they saw it on the news and Cody was famous. Then Cody named his moose “Snowman Mooseee”.
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Ryan 8/08 Snowman
Once upon a time there was a boy called Jake. He built a cute little snowman that he was very proud of. The snowman had a little scarf and two little green buttons and had a carrot for a nose. One day the snowman was broken!! Jack was very sad but he had an idea. He called his sister to help him build the snowman step by step. Then they another idea, they got a bucket and put snow and the snowman in it and put it in the freezer. The snowman then lived happily ever after.Free stock photos of snowman · Pexels

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