Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Visiting our Local Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist Temple written by Carol Liu

The trip was exciting yesterday and we made pink lotus flowers.  There were some friendly people showing us the way.  A Chinese woman showed us the mondo grass. We had lovely Chinese tattoos on our hands.  We had cookies for morning tea.  We bathed the Buddha and said the three good deeds.  We saw some more friendly people and we also had a police talk.  Armani dressed up like a policeman and he played with a ball.  Some women gave us a golden bell and we said the magic words and then we blew the golden fan on top.  We talked about the three Gs and the four Gs.  

I loved the beautiful gardens around us. We watched a video and put the fake flowers into a tiny hole. I want to go there again! There was a shiny bell but I did not make a wish and ring the bell. Many large buildings were surrounding us and there was a room with a fake white horse inside it.  Such colourful flowers were everywhere.  It was so much fun and very exciting! I love the Buddhist Temple.

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