Friday, 28 September 2018

Celebrating Cultural Week

This was another great week of learning and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting Room 6, 3 and 4 where we enjoyed discovering more about other cultures. In our own classroom we saw how tapa cloth is made in the Pacific Islands and then we made pseudo tapa on paper. We drew patterns inspired by nature in black and then crumpled and dyed the paper.

In Room 6 we were introduced to the tradition of Mehndi where henna dye is used to paint designs on hands and feet in countries like India. Each child enjoyed making their own design and seeing their creation being done on their hands. The dye will last for a week.

Chinese songs and a dragon story were the theme in Room 6. Everyone enjoyed colouring a dragon and hearing songs that taught them to say "Hello/Ni Hao" and "Goodbye/ZaiJian" in Cantonese.

In Room 4 the children loved trying their hand at using traditional rakau sticks, as is the Maori custom. They found it tricky at first but soon got the knack and were able to get the rhythm and the moves in time with the beat. Ka Pai, everyone!

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