Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Jet Comes for a Visit

Miss Smith, one of our amazing Teacher Aides, organised for her friend to visit and to introduce her very special dog, Jed, to us. Sinika and Jed are registered at the SPCA and they volunteer their time mainly in retirement homes and hospitals. Jed is a Therapy dog and he loves to spend time with people. He cheers up people who are ill or lonely and brings lots of joy wherever he goes. Jed was so sweet during the visit. He enjoyed looking around at everyone and then sniffed for some special treats in Sinika's bag. He was quite happy for us to pat or hug him. Sinika told us his life story and she also helped us to remember how to be safe around dogs. She showed us some pictures of working dogs, of which Jed is one. What an amazing and special visit it was!

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