Friday, 5 April 2019

Our Bright, Bold Fish Art

These beautiful artworks depicting brightly coloured tropical fish are on show in the library.  Iris and Kayla have described their fish. Can you find which one they are telling us about?

Here  Comes My Goldfish  by Kayla

My  fish  is colourful and  it has pink, green,  gold and light green stripes.  l like my fish. My fish has  a wavy tail and it has a stripy body.  It also has gills that are golden. My fish  is big and round and it swims in the water. I love my beautiful fish.

Here Comes Our School of Fish! by Iris
Last Friday for art we made fish and it took two days. My fish has a sharp tail and it has dots on its body. It is red, light blue, purple, pink and green. My fish has no teeth. It has pretty patterns and it has yellow fins. My fish has cute eyes. I love my fish!

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