Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Drama Day - Taniwha Treasures

Mrs Oldham treated us to another wonderful day of stories, art, imaginative play, discovery and lots of drama. The children entered in to the legendary world of the Taniwha and learned some new Maori vocabulary as well. They went looking for treasures from the land, the sky, the sea. They also created the most beautiful Taniwha using many traditional Maori patterns.

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  1. Oh my gosh! What an exciting time you had with Mrs Oldham! You have some very creative Taniwha ideas. And what an awesome teacher Mrs Shewring is taking great pictures and sharing them on this Blog.

    Remember the challenge I set in Assembly today? Spend some time with an older family member and ask them to tell you some stories about your family.

    I would love to hear any stories next term if you would like to share them.

    Have a great last week of term and a fabulous holiday

    Mr Kirkham