Friday, 18 October 2019


We enjoyed learning about Diwali this week. As part of our learning we painted rangoli patterns and made diva lamps out of clay. Here is a story Bella wrote to explain what people do to celebrate Diwali. Scroll down to see us holding the divas that we made.


Diwali is a celebration of light and everyone in India celebrates Diwali. People get to do lots of fun things like making rangoli patterns made out of chalk dust.

The saris shops make lots of saris so girls can buy them for Diwali. Divas are like lanterns, but they sit on the ground and they’re a bit smaller. Fireworks twinkle as well as divas. Fireworks are for lighting up the midnight sky.

Ram and Sita is a story and that’s the reason they started the festival of light. The treats are made by the mums and the children deliver them.

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