Wednesday, 30 October 2019

22 Budding Pasta Cooks

The children in Room 5 astounded themselves and Mr Rankin, their Head Chef, when they produced a variety of most delicious vegetarian ravioli pasta! They started from scratch, making the special dough out of flour, water and eggs. Then with the help of Mr V and Mrs K, our wonderful parent helpers, they used machines to roll the dough out thinly. Then they used square and circular cutters to cut the dough out.

Next they got on with getting all the filings ready - capsicum, spinach, cheese and carrot. With Grace's mum, Nicole's dad and Iris' mum on hand to help, they piled some fillings on one piece of dough and then sandwiched another piece together with water to get them to stick. This resulted in a great big pile of pasta that awaited Mr Rankin to cook the ravioli in boiling water.

Once the delicious pasta was all cooked we sat outside in the sunshine, eating our most delicious food!! We all agree that this was the most tasty ravioli - much better than store bought! We are surprised we managed to make it ourselves!!

After lunch, under the watchful eyes of Mrs K, Mr V, Mrs C and Kayla and Bella's grandfather, Mr Rankin conducted another food science experiment. He used cabbage and beetroot to colour some noodles. Then, using lemon juice (an acid) and (an alkaline) he showed us how three piles of purple noodles reacted. The pile that was soaked in acid liquid turned pink, the pile that was left untouched remained purple and the alkaline pile turned slightly green.

Thank you for a fantastic day of learning to be chefs today, Mr Rankin. It was a brilliant day!!

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