Saturday, 23 November 2019


The junior cross country is always a special event on our calendar and it draws crowds of proud mums, dads, grandparents and friends who come along to cheer for their amazing children. The children had been practising some long distance running a few weeks prior and by now they were fit and ready for the challenge of this race.

Year two children have to run twice around the field and the first ten children get to run once again in the finals race. We were extremely proud of the children in our class - so many of them featured in the finals! The boys in the finals from Room 5 were Mason, Eugene, Harvey, Agam and Collin. The girls were Yiran, Tia, Victoria, Nicole and Bella. 

Yiran and Mason were the Year two cross country winners and Eugene came third and Harvey forth. Victoria came third, Tia fourth, Bella fifth. Congratulations to the wonderful winners, the finalists and everyone who participated. You were all superstars!!                                                                              

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