Sunday, 2 August 2020

Our Cultural Week

This has been a wonderful week of sharing and learning about the various cultures that we hold dear in our class. We have children who affiliate themselves with both their Kiwi culture and their other heritage such as Chinese, Maori, Malaysian, Brazilian, Cornish, Cook Islanders, South African and Cambodian. Some children brought items of interest from their cultures and these were fascinating! 

Each day during lunch time there were wonderful opportunities to try out activities on a cultural theme such as gumboot throwing, stories in Dutch, origami, henna painting, Maori kohaiwhai patterns, Chinese lanterns, watching a lion dance and other performances, etc.

Then on Friday we all celebrated by wearing traditional costumes and viewing many amazing items in the Cultural Assembly. A memorable week was enjoyed by all!

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Shewing for updating all the events that had happened at school it's lovely to see the children's photos.