Sunday, 26 February 2017

Our Junior Breakfast

It was such an early rise for everyone on Friday but fortunately there was no time wasted getting dressed and ready to come to school. Instead everyone (except parents and caregivers) bailed out of bed and proceeded to school in their pyjamas!! Yes, indeed!! Once a year the Junior school arrive at school at 7:30am to participate in an independence building exercise.

At 7:30am the teachers come out to meet everyone and the children take leave of their parents and go to their classrooms where they gets their own breakfast sorted. They serve their own cereal, pour their own juice and make their toast. Thereafter they wash up their dishes, get changed, brush hair and teeth and finally pack everything away before the actual start of school. What fun!!

Many thanks to Natalie, Alice's mum, Eva, Cherie's mum and Daniel's grandma for coming in and being there to support the children.

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