Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Thursday, 2 February 2017   

Our First Day of Year Two!!                                                        

How wonderful to be back at school after a very long and exciting holiday. We were excited to see our friends again and happy to see our new class and our teacher. Mrs Shewring took us on a 'royal tour' of the classroom so that we get to know where everything is. We heard a story called "Jack's Talent" and shared about the things we love doing. Here are some photos of us showing the things we love to do.

As we shared our holiday news with our new classmates, we unrolled a ball of wool and it ended up looking like a web!!

We also sorted all our books and stationery and did this so well that Mrs   Shewring treated us to a five minute play on the Junior playground.

These special photos were taken while we were doing an activity -

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