Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our Whole School Photo Shoot

On Tuesday morning every child from Year 0 to Year 6, all their teachers and every other member of staff at our school gathered out on the field to have a photo taken that celebrates our school's 20th Anniversary. There are over 800 children at our school now - it has grown so much since it was first opened 20 years ago.

Here is a photo showing the teachers and children in 1997 when the school was first opened. If you look closely, you'll see Mrs Parr and Mrs Munroe sitting to the right of Mr Neil Shroff the Principal! Mrs Fisher in the office was also there but you can't see her in the photo. This photo was taken on the steps in the Junior play area.

We were all so patient as we quietly waited to have our photo taken. The photographer climbed up on a high structure two tables high so that he could fit us all in. Its going to be good to see what that photo looks like!

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