Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Creating Wooden Toys at Technology

Mr Rankin kept us hugely busy and at the cutting edge of our learning today!! Not only did we learn to use a saw to cut slats of wood, we also learned to smooth the rough edges of these with sandpaper. Then we used a ruler to measure the places where we were going to drill the holes. Having done that it was time to use a hammer to drive the dowel rods into each hole and to join the two slats together to form a ladder-shaped toy.  Lastly we affixed five different photos of our classmates to each rung. Now our toy was complete and guess what?? We had created a mini "Guess Who?" game!!

We will use these fabulous toys back in class and will have lots of fun trying to discover who it is that has their name on the board.

We are also very thankful that Dee Wu, Ryan's mum, and Yunice Hong, Ellie's mum, so kindly came in to help out. That was so good good of them! Thanks so much to Mrs Burton as well for her support and for taking most of the photos.

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