Saturday, 23 February 2019

Our Flower Garden Art, Butterfly Crafts and Stories

We used black paper and pastels to create these gorgeous flowers. They are bursting with nectar and bright coloured petals and are just perfect for attracting butterflies to our make believe garden. If you look carefully there is a pretty, symmetrical butterfly in our art work. These were made using folded card on which we put blobs of paint. Once dried the butterflies were cut out revealing their dazzling wings.

We also made butterflies out of paper and card and they are happily looking down on us from the back wall.

Some of the children enjoyed describing what their butterfly looked like. Here are some of their stories.

My Colourful Butterfly

I love my butterfly and I feel like my heart is going to burst out with love.
It also has pretty wings. When butterflies fly they make wind and I feel it. Then I feel happy. I love their colours when I see them. They look lovely and they have the best shapes. I like their patterns too.

By Katherine

My Colourful Butterfly

I love my butterfly because it is blue, and it loves flying. It loves flowers.

By Lucas

My Colourful Butterfly

My butterfly is cute, and it has flowers and colourful shapes. The colours are yellow, blue and pink. The antennae is green. It has one diamond shape on each wing.   

By Grace

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