Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Officer Matt's Firewise Visit

It was so enjoyable and interesting having Fireman Matt here today. He reminded us of the following important fire safety ideas -

  • Smoke is fire
  • There are good fires and bad fires
  • We need to get down, get low, get out fast!
  • We need to practise our fire safety plan at home and that includes getting out of windows by ourselves
  • We need to get to the safe meeting place (our mail box) as quickly as possible
  • We need to have a smoke alarm in every bedroom, the living room and the hallway
  • The new smoke alarms can talk to each other and go off together
Fireman Matt showed us a video of a candle that sets the house alight in just a few minutes. He read us a book about Effie who gets out of her house by herself when a fire started. He showed us different kinds of smoke alarms and he spoke about ways we can keep safe and firewise.

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