Thursday, 7 September 2017

Our Spring Play

To celebrate the arrival of Spring we performed a little play to show how Mother Nature waved her wand to make this a happy season of the year.  She awoke some hibernating animals, arranged for the trees to blossom, invited birds to return home and build their nests and she attempted to get the flower seeds to make their appearance. They were too sleepy so the sun and the clouds did their part to awaken them. Once the flowers were blooming, the bees buzzed around with the butterflies and ready to take on the all-important job of pollinators. Mother Nature didn't fail to remind us that springtime is a good time for baby animals to be born. Well done, children. You entertained Room 6, Room 16 and Room 32 with great aplomb! We all enjoyed your lovely play and you did a great job of making your own costumes.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for inviting Room 32 to come and visit Room 5 and watch your Spring play! We loved it!! He tino pai!