Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Soaking it all in

Not one, but three fire engines and their crews, visited us today! We started off with a talk by Fireman Darron and a demonstration by Fireman Dave in the hall. They recapped on all the rules we've learned about fire safety and  then Fireman Dave put on all his gear as well as his oxygen mask and flash hood. He also demonstrated how to check our fire alarms at home. He had two stripes on his helmet to indicate that he has had lots of experience as a firefighter.

Next, we met up with Fireman Doug and Mel who showed us all the equipment stored on the fire engine. They explained that fire engines carry various loads and gear - they are not all the same. We were all given an opportunity to open, hold, control and close one of the medium sized hoses and finally we assembled back in the hall to watch the fire engine switch all its flashing lights and sirens on. What an amazing display it has been - we have learned so much and feel very privileged to have had such an interesting and exciting learning experience. Thanks to the wonderful firemen who gave us an insight into their special jobs.

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  1. Benjamin has been telling us all about Firewise, and this was a definite highlight. Thank you