Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Three Cheers for Science in a Van!

We are very spoiled at Point View!! Every week or two we have something exciting to enjoy and this week we were very lucky to have Alan and Emily from Science in a Van return to show us more of their amazing science experiments. They made glasses filled with water fly through the air without spilling a drop and they pulled a tablecloth from under two glasses and a teapot without them even moving!

Next Alan intrigued us with his amazing bubbles - they were small, medium-sized and massive! He controlled the bubbles by blowing or waving at them and they looked like shimmering blobs of transparent jelly as they wobbled and floated around.

Emily introduced us to some of the liquids and solids we all have in our kitchen - oil, water, vinegar, dishwashing liquid and bicarbonate. She showed us how to make a mixture with them, like bubbles. Another was a mixture of oil and water and the other mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate resulted in lots of frothing. Lastly that same mixture was used to blow up a balloon!

Alan used dry ice to make clouds and to make intriguing bubbles that fell or popped with a puff of smoke. To finish off, Alan used helium to make some bubbles and they rose right up to the roof because helium is lighter than air!

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