Friday, 1 March 2019

Our Junior Breakfast - Managing Ourselves

It was so strange coming to school in our pyjamas today and a very early start too! Our classroom looked a little different since we had tried to make it look more like a cafe where we would enjoy having breakfast together! We started the morning with a karakia as is the Maori tradition. Then it was time to tuck in - we needed to make our own breakfast to show that we can do these things carefully by ourselves.

There were choices of water and milk for drinking, rice bubbles or cornflakes for our cereal. We also had toast with butter, jam or marmite. Once we had had enough to eat and drink, we needed to wash our own dishes and pack those away. Thank you to the marvellous mummies, Allie and Laura, who came in to help with setting things up for us. Also to Lydia for toasting the bread which we spread ourselves. We were really spoilt by them because they also kindly cleaned up after we were done!

Next, it was time to dress ourselves and to wash our faces, brush our teeth and do our hair. In no time at all we were done! Ka Pai, everyone, on showing how sensible and independent you are.

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