Saturday, 23 March 2019

Whole School Assembly Item

We enjoyed being able to present our murals to the school during assembly. Harvey and Indi introduced our item and Iris, Ceeza and Tia read parts of their information reports. Well done to everyone - we are so proud of you!!

This is what they read -
We enjoyed making this mural to show frogs in their natural habitat. We worked on it, step by step. Iris, Ceeza and Tia will share some of the frog facts they discovered.

Iris –
Frogs can camouflage themselves really well. Some frogs can be poisonous.  Frogs never close their eyes when they sleep. Frogs don’t like to swim in salty water. They breathe with their skin.
Ceeza –
Female frogs lay eggs and they hatch and become tadpoles. Then they grow back legs and front legs and tails and become froglets. After that they turn into frogs.
Tia -
A frog’s predators are cats, birds and snakes. If the weather is very hot, they can dig a hole in mud, or they can sit under wet leaves. Frogs eat lots of things. They eat little frogs, moths, flies, insects and mice. Frogs can live on land and in water because frogs are amphibians.

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