Friday, 1 March 2019

Tabloid Sports

After morning tea, the Junior School assembled on the field and the tabloid games began!! We were again very lucky to have three wonderful parent helpers who came along to support and to help the children. Many, many thanks to Allie, Nashwa and Andy for supervising the children and for taking them from activity to activity. There were nine different activities but unfortunately the time ran out so we only managed to fit seven of them in.

It was very special seeing everyone in Room 5 give it a go and to hear the children cheering each other on. Such great team players! Some of the activities were very active team games like the hurdles, sack races and ball relays. Some were individual activities like skipping and then there was the fun Duck, Duck Goose and Parachute game that we did as a whole class. Mrs Kendall finished off the tabloid sports with a nice, calm Mindfulness time and that gave us a good rest.

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